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 Předmět příspěvku: Football Manager 2015 version 15.3.0
PříspěvekNapsal: stř 25. úno 2015 18:09:55 
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Registrován: sob 06. lis 2010 17:19:47
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Football Manager 2015 version 15.3.0

Byl vydán update Football Manageru 2015 verze 15.3.0 včetně zimních přestupů. Náš update s přestupy v SYNOT lize je plně funkční. Jaké jsou změny? Dočtěte se níže.


Improved saving times
Fixed rare crash during processing
Fixed rare Mac-only crash when entering match
Fixed rare instability when accessing player profile using keyboard navigation
Fixed rare crash when setting player for release via specific news item


Fixed issue where players would sometimes not make an obvious challenge for the ball
Fixed bug making saves too difficult at certain heights and angles
Fixed keepers not punching balls they can’t hold at certain heights
Improved goalkeeper reactions after an initial save
Fixed bug where fifth official moves onto the pitch over the course of a match
Fixed bug with physio walking across the pitch
Made first time kicks a little harder
Improved link between first touches and player attributes
Fixed bug where keepers sometimes hesitate on sweeping up ball behind defence
Fixed instances of free kicks being taken with wrong foot
Improved wall position at some free kicks
Improved marking and positioning at some throws
Made players run more directly with ball when on counter
Increased likelihood of players attacking space with ball at feet
Fixed some issues with close range finishing
Fixed a couple of bugs with player reactions to long kicks
Improved defensive positioning of support duty strikers and attack duty AMCs
Fixed bug causing defences to push up prematurely
Prevented d-lines from pushing up too quickly when ball with opposition
Made teams get back a bit quicker when ball changes hands
Fixed bug in dribbling speed that overpowered certain dribblers
Fixed some instances of centre halves engaging ball player and breaking their defensive line
Reworking of when players should look to commit fouls
Fixed some issues around reactions to rebounds, saves and deflections
Fixed high defensive lines at wide free kicks
Improved the balance of Goals Per Game in low CA leagues


Increased transfer activity in Israel
Improved balance of managerial appointments at big clubs in inactive or view-only leagues
Further balancing of both transfer and contract negotiations
Resolved issue where Chief Scout was not cancelling assignments when being instructed to do so
Resolved issue where a players full attributes were available to the user when player was signed on trial
Resolved issue where a current player would be ask to become a staff member on unrealistic wages
Improved logic behind affiliate club requests


Improved the balancing of a number of player happinesses including decreasing the regularity of players asking to join interested teams.
Improved the balancing of teammates supporting unhappy players including players unhappy at the sale of a hot prospect
Fixed rare instances of players asking to join an interested team when no interest has been shown in them
Fixed rare instances of promises for continental qualification failing despite being achieved
Fixed rare instance of a new contract promise failing despite a new contract having been signed
Fixed players becoming happy with playing time despite not playing any games


Added new English Premier League TV Deal
Updated Foreign players rules in Turkey
Correct teams now selected for Playoffs in Belgium
Improved Romanian fixture scheduling from the 2015/16 season onwards
Fixed players staying on international duty for Oceania Cup
Fixed players staying on international duty between African World Cup Qualifying Playoff
Fixed scheduling error in Copa America 2016
Fixed lack of invite to select squad for 2017 pre-Confederations Cup friendly match
Fixed top goalscorer award not being awarded correctly for Copa Libertadores
Fixed some players not getting cap updates after appearing in friendly national matches
Fixed A-League squad building issuess
Fixed players joining A-League teams for a single day
Fixed Wellington Phoenix work permit issues
Improved MLS squad building
Fixed issue where it was hard to buy a 3rd Designated Player slot in MLS
Fixed MLS fixture schedule not having variation from second season onwards


Fixed news issues relating to Nations League
Fixed some league odds
Fixed code in news item for 2020 European Championship
Fixed various news and press conference issues regarding Brazil v Argetina Superclasico
Various text fixes and improvements


Fixed Facebook Login on Mac 10.10
Fixed league table widget having no scrollbar
Fixed player names not displaying on the best eleven pitch
Saved tactics are available to select from in-match tactics screen
Fixed substitutes not showing up on penalty takers list during a match
Fixed being unable to ask two players in central positions to swap positions
Fixed various illegible text issues in the light skin
Fixed issue with legends and icons being misaligned if the person was retired


Fixed Disliked People and Favourite People not working on any IGE menus
Fixed editing licensed kits


Fixed a few data extraction issues from Editor to Game
Further fixes and improvements to file verification error messages in the Editor
Fixes to registration dates on edit files
Fixed custom competitions not running for a second cycle
Fixed edited nation transfer preferences not extracting to the game
Fixed some kit editing issues
Fixed prize money payout on edit files


Fixed Union Espanola always qualifying for Copa Libertadores as winners of Chile Closing Stage winners every season
Bullet Throw PPM can now be learnt in FMC
Various cut off and skin fixes for dark and light skins
Manager Landmarks in Club History now correctly being updated
Non User teams now able to be imported into Versus Mode


Reading beat Everton, who beat Chelsea, who beat Man United, who beat
Arsenal, who beat Barcelona. World's greatest team? Reading FC

PříspěvekNapsal: stř 25. úno 2015 19:47:21 
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Registrován: sob 06. lis 2010 17:19:47
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takže asi takhle - v oficiálním update, ve kterém jsou zahrnuty zimní přestupy je v Česku asi tak 1 z 10...pokud chcete hrát novou hru v Česku, tak bez toho našeho updatu to bude stát za hovno...chápu, že tam nezahrnou třeba nějaké hostování, ale že tam nedají ani hostování Kadlece z Německa v Č už mi přijde fakt divné a odfláknuté...

Reading beat Everton, who beat Chelsea, who beat Man United, who beat
Arsenal, who beat Barcelona. World's greatest team? Reading FC

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Registrován: úte 27. říj 2015 10:00:28
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It is a very good thing for us to know the issues.


PříspěvekNapsal: úte 27. říj 2015 13:31:32 
Lovec jelenů
Lovec jelenů
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Už sem se divil, že vydávaj update těsně před novym ročníkem a on je to jenom nějakej trouba.

Pokerstrategy:50 dolarů na poker zdarma bez jakýchkoliv podmínek, na jakoukoliv hernu.

Zajímá mě, co si o mě myslí ostatní a částečně i to, co o mě ostatní říkají. Děkuju všem za zpětnou vazbu.

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